Smart Farming Technology for Small-Scale Farmers in Thailand

Smart Farming Technology for Small-Scale Farmers in Thailand

Smart farming technology is a new agricultural innovation in the digital era that adopted various ICTs in the farm. Smart farming leads to the efficient use of production factors, the increase in quality of farm production, cost-effectiveness, reducing environmental impact, cost of production, and labor, saving time and leading to sustainable agriculture.

Smart farming is considered as one of the important strategic goals in Thailand. The country intends to transform traditional farming into smart farming using advanced information technology as well as using the intelligent sensor systems to monitor and evaluate their production in real-time. In a study  conducted by Kwanmuang et. al  (2020) where they reviewed approaches and policies on small-scale farming in Thailand, they discussed the opportunities and challenges of smart farming to understand the development of the system which is one of the ways to solve agricultural problems in the future.

There were challenges in many aspects of the agriculture sector thus raising awareness of technology acceptance of farmers and development of smart farming technologies that are suitable for farmers are needed. Government support is also needed throughout the country. However, there are also constraints that could arise like technical unemployment thus the government needs a long-term plan to deal with this problem of unemployment with this smart farming.

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Kanjana Kwanmuang, Thanchanok Pongputhinan, Akram Jabri, Piyayut Chitchumnung. 2020. Small-scale farmers under Thailand’s smart farming system.  FFTC Agricultural Policy Platform (FFTC-AP). Food and Fertilizer Technology Center for the Asian and Pacific Region. Retrieved from:

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