FAO launches UN Decade of Family Farming

FAO launches UN Decade of Family Farming

The United Nations Decade of Family Farming was officially launched last May 29 at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) headquarters in Rome. The launch was co-organized by FAO and the International Fund For Agricultural Development, with preceding activities such as farmers’ knowledge exchange sessions and regional dialogues on priorities for the implementation of the Decade last May 27-28.

Family farming stakeholders-- such as public and private sectors, government units, civil society organizations, and academia-- were also enjoined to the pre-launch dialogues. These dialogues dealt with key topics such as family farming organizations and their constituencies agenda and priority technical issues related to family farming. The launch of the family farming decade, on the other hand, sought for engagement of
stakeholders per country through support for enabling policies and investments for family farming. It also allowed for discussions on potentials and contributions of family farming, particularly toward the  achievement of sustainable development goals.


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