Application for the Innovation Challenge on Sustainable Agri Mech & FFS extended until July 10

Application for the Innovation Challenge on Sustainable Agri Mech & FFS extended until July 10

Due to high demand, the application for the Global Innovation Challenge on Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization (SAM) and Farmer Field Schools (FFS) for small-scale producers is extended until 10 July 2024. Spearheaded by the  Plant Production and Protection Division (NSP) and the Office of Innovation (OIN) of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), this innovation challenge aims to integrate SAM within Farmer Field Schools (FFS) to significantly reduce drudgery and boost efficiency, yields, incomes, and innovation for small-scale producers, leveraging the success of FFS to scale-up the benefits of SAM.

Sustainable agricultural mechanization (SAM) is crucial for increasing productivity, creating jobs, and generating income in rural communities. However, rural communities, especially youth and women, often lack the necessary resources and access to SAM solutions. At the same time, Farmer Field Schools (FFS) are successfully supporting rural development and empowering small-scale producers to innovate through hundreds of projects. But only a limited number of FAO FFS interventions include SAM today.


  • Create employment and innovative agri-business opportunities by scaling up small-scale machinery access through FFS groups and networks.
  • Enhance vocational training programs on sustainable agricultural mechanization through FFS.
  • Strengthen collaboration among public, private, and non-profit sectors at the national level to support innovative solutions on SAM through FFS.


FAO Country Offices are invited to apply to the challenge. Selected offices will receive different levels of support to implement innovative solutions, including financial grants, capacity development, and opportunities to connect with global experts and peers.


• Submission Deadline: DEADLINE EXTENDED UNTIL 10 JULY 2024.

• Find out more information and criteria here

• Apply here!

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