FO-MAPP: An Interactive Online Database in Mapping Farmers’ Organizations

FO-MAPP: An Interactive Online Database in Mapping Farmers' Organizations

Community-based farmers' organizations represent and reflect the status of the rural farming communities. They've become the face of the small-scale farmers. These organizations played a key role in advancing farmer's rights by lobbying policies for rural and sustainable development. They are involved in  improving food security, reducing poverty, and lowering unemployment. However, the lack of or minimal visibility of these organizations limit their mobility and ability to forge sustainable partnerships.

To fill this gap, the Farmers and Rural Producers’ Organizations Mapping (FO-MAPP) was created. FO-MAPP is an interactive online database that provides geo-referenced information on local smallholders', family farmers' and other rural producers’ organizations in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and Latin America and the Caribbean. It was developed on the felt needs of the farmers' organizations and in support of the campaign for the 2019-2028 United Nations Decade of Family Farming.

Registration in FO-MAPP is free! To know more about FO-MAPP and how to register your farmers' organizations on this online database, kindly check it here.


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