Mobile phone’s usefulness among farmers in Southern Bangladesh

Mobile phone's usefulness among farmers in Southern Bangladesh

Mobile phone has been an effective tool for rural and agricultural development. In a recent study conducted in Bangladesh, it revealed that most farmers used their mobile phones in obtaining and securing various crop farming information. The farmer-respondents sought information related to crop diseases and pest control followed by fertilizer management suggestions, and selection of appropriate crops and adequate vegetable species. However, the study revealed that farmers in Southern Bangladesh preferred using voice call services that are relatively expensive compared to other mobile phone technology services such as SMS, MMS, and voice messaging.

This research recommended that farmers should be engaged more in cheaper mobile services so that information can be stored and shared repeatedly.  Also, a special kind of SIM card can be supplied to them to provide help in mobile expenditures. Moreover, since older farmers were less inclined to use mobile -based information sources, a campaign or training can be done to connect them with mobile-based information sources. It is also essential to connect farmers to reliable agricultural information sources such as extension services and NGOs.

To know more about the study, access the journal article here.

Photo Credit: Balaram Mahalder / CC BY-SA

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