SMS as an Inclusive Tool in Knowledge Sharing in Agriculture in the Philippines

SMS as an Inclusive Tool in Knowledge Sharing in Agriculture in the Philippines

Knowledge sharing is considered one of the essential practices for agricultural development. Farmers have to be aware of the latest agricultural information to make sure they can address farm issues such as pests and diseases and utilize the existing innovations to maximize their production. There are already a lot of established systems to ensure this, such as social media, websites, mobile applications, and radio programs. However, farmers face challenges with its accessibility and literacy to use it.

For Galeon et al. (2019), their study revealed that  Short Messaging System (SMS) as the best option for knowledge sharing in agriculture, considering the said problems. Its findings state that it is the function of phones that farmers widely and easily use in developing countries, also given that it requires fewer resources than other Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). With this, knowledge sharing is identified to become more inclusive and have more participation with the farmers, leading to more developments in the agriculture sector.

To know more about the study, you can access it here.

REFERENCE: Galeon, D. H., Garcia Jr, P. G., & Palaoag, T. D. (2019). SMS-based ICT tool for knowledge sharing in agriculture. International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, 9(1), 342-349.

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