Rural Communication Services: A big help in reaching the Indian BOP Market

Rural Communication Services: A big help in reaching the Indian BOP Market

Rural portions in India, also called as the Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) segment, has become a target market for business owners.

Products and services offered in these isolated areas may or may not be different from the products and services offered in urban areas, however, marketing strategies appear to be different for the rural consumers. Marketers consider rural communication services/rural marketing communications in promoting their products and services even on remote areas; thus, increasing their reach and accessibility.

The study emphasizes that special BOP Marketing Communication Strategy can certainly improve the transmission of messages to the BOP segment. Having said this, marketers and Indian advertising industries make sure that they are anchored deeply in rural perceptions, values, and traditions. On another note, they also focus on having innovations in media, message design, and message execution in order to reach out to rural India, effectively. Innovations are grounded within the framework of relevance, reliability, reach, and reincarnate innovation. With that, it will increase their relevance in the rural societies’ needs and desires.

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Photo by Tejj on Unsplash

Article contributed by Vincent Allen Fernandez, ComDev Asia intern

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