Community Radio

Diving into the lives of fisherfolks through Community Radio Sagor Giri

This story is about community radio (CR) Sagor Giri and a community of fisherfolks in the Mirjanagor village – both situated in Sitakund, Chattogram, a south-eastern district in, Bangladesh. An active AMARC member, radio Sagor Giri was established in the year 2012. As per CR regulations of Bangladesh, the station operates with a transmission power… Read More

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Enhancing RCS Effectivity through Youth Participation in the Philippines

The issue of logistics in agricultural extension work, where officers have to back and forth from their office to the farms they are working with, is a common issue in the sector. Even with the existence of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) like mobile phones, which are expected to make the extension work efficiently, there… Read More

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