Agricultural Information Sources of Rural Farmers: Evidence from Pakistan

Agricultural Information Sources of Rural Farmers: Evidence from Pakistan

Farmers have been utilizing several sources of information for their agricultural-related needs. Among those are neighbor-friend-relatives, self-experience, media (print and/or electronic), and the likes. In Pakistan, a study was conducted to assess which source of information is preferred the most by the rural farmers in the area. Results showed that the top/major source of agricultural information utilized by the rural people in Pakistan is neighbor-friend-relatives. This reflects that farmers, among themselves, help each other in knowledge and information sharing. This instance promotes community participation and development. Aside from this, media as well as self-experience also contribute to information dissemination along the rural areas of the country.

 These evidences negatively reflect the function of agricultural extension field. This suggests that their services need to be restructured to improve performance and accessibility. Looking into a wider perspective, the government should also invest in programs that utilize diversified agricultural information sources to strengthen accessibility and availability of agricultural information; thus, allowing farmers to receive relevant and significant information according to their needs, socio-economic and cultural circumstances, cropping season, and such. Access the full article here.

Photo Reference: Beezbistar Foundation. 

Contribution by: Vincent Allen C. Fernandez

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