ICT4AG Handbook

ICT4AG Handbook

This handbook gives an overview of a broad range of technologies and can be useful for professionals engaged in agriculture extension, organizations working with smallholder farmers, implementors, donors and other public sector partners. Those interested in the use ICTs for development may also find the content relevant. Though this handbook is particularly aimed at agricultural professionals in Bangladesh, for sharing the various initiatives in Bangladesh and across the developing world, it can be used as a reference document by anyone having interest
in the field.

The ICT4Ag field is evolving very fast and embracing new technologies as they are coming up, along with using older technologies that are relevant for smallholder farmers. This handbook intends to showcase major technologies and is not necessarily exhaustive. It aims to provide a fundamental understanding of ICTs being used in agriculture, in a clear and simple manner. Using ICTs has substantial technical requirements, need for appropriate infrastructure and trained human resource. It becomes even more challenging in low-resource settings, where smallholder farmers’ access to technology and available infrastructure, such as electricity and internet, are limited. This handbook highlights the requirements and constraints to provide some insight into the complexities involved. While it does not go into detailed technical requirements, it does aim to provide a first level of understanding on how to integrate ICTs in agriculture extension and programming.

You can DOWNLOAD the handbook here.

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