Youth as Models and Change Agents for Sustainable Agriculture in India

Youth as Models and Change Agents for Sustainable Agriculture in India

A 2018 study by Banu and Yashoda showed that to harness the potential and energy of youth for agriculture, a comprehensive and integrated policy and program  on many aspects of sustainable agriculture should be put in place with special incentives for young farmers.  Youth can be attracted to agriculture if they see meaning, income opportunities as well as a sense of pride in farming.  Young farmers also need training, effective mentors, coaches, and motivators.

This study was done with 70 young farmers in a village in Hyderabad, India. Capacity building programs through networking approach in farm activities were done.  Some of the strategies adopted for these activities included awareness programs agriculture, tv channels for farmers, farmer portal weblinks, video clipping on successful case studies on agricultural practices, information on farmers call centers, and  agriculture magazines, among others.  Package of materials were developed: life skill educational training modules in 10 regional languages, success stories documented, and DVDs on empowering young farmers with relevant information and skill for sustainable agricultural practices and livelihood.

The article  recommended that respect for farming should be built and more awareness should be created in recognizing the role of farmers in agriculture.

You can read the full article here.

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