Challenges youth farmers face discussed in Rural Radio Initiative episode from PH

Challenges youth farmers face discussed in Rural Radio Initiative episode from PH

In the Philippines, fewer and fewer students choose to enroll in agriculture-related degree programs. 

This is what Junneil Obusan, a young farmer leader from the Camarines Norte Federation of Cooperatives (CANOFECO) shares with Roger and TL, hosts of a program episode from the Rural Radio Initiative 2023 in the Philippines. This episode is the 4th in a 12-episode series that tackles different aspects of family farming in the Philippines. In the episode, Junneil lamented that most youth focus on other fields of study rather than farming, and current farmers have begun to reach an age where they can no longer farm. This led to their need to sell their land to traders. 

Junneil shared that, as an agricultural country, there should be clear sustainable agricultural programs set forth on the national level, focused on giving the youth leadership skills that can combat challenges faced by these farmers. Additionally, he highlighted the instrumental role of youth camps and similar initiatives that provide additional skills and knowledge that inspire and empower young individuals to partake more in agricultural practices.

Through fostering a conducive environment that builds on youth farmers’ needs and aspirations, the potential for youth-led agriculture can be achieved.


The radio episode can be accessed through this link: 

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Article contributed by Darelle Anne Ebron, Comdev Asia intern

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