Can Improved ICT Increase the Net Income of Rural Farmers?

Can Improved ICT Increase the Net Income of Rural Farmers?

In an article published at the South Asia @ LSE blog, Arshad Perwez shows that the improved mobile broadband in 2017 has helped onion farmers in India implement solutions to their storage problem.

These farmers in the Sehore district earn an average of Rs 40,000-50,0000 per acre through onion cultivation. In a good season, their net income sometimes climbs up to Rs 100,000 per acre. Unfortunately, because of the fluctuations in onion prices, these farmers need to come up with their own solutions to store their onions to break even and/or make a profit.

When mobile broadband improved in 2017, some farmers used their broadband connection to watch video tutorials on implementing simple but effective storage solutions for onions. As other farmers in their village adopted these solutions, many became technology-savvy and took advantage of ICT to increase their crop productivity.

You can read more about how broadband saved onions and the livelihood of farmers in Sehore here:

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