Farmers in Bangladesh favor TV programs as source of agricultural information

Farmers in Bangladesh favor TV programs as source of agricultural information

A survey conducted with 100 farmers in South Surma Upazila, Bangladesh revealed that the majority (76%) had a medium favorable attitude toward agriculture-related television programs as source of agricultural information. A more favorable attitude was determined among farmers with larger farm size, higher educational qualification, higher annual family income, more farming experience, and more agricultural knowledge. However, as the farmers’ age and family size increase, their attitude toward television programs become less favorable.

The results confirmed that rural farmers still relied on traditional media (television, radio, and newspaper) for information. These also showed the importance of socio-economic determinants in a farmers’ attitude toward television programs. A large family size would require a larger income to be used for the necessities of family members. Such scenario could mean that they prioritized food, education, clothing, housing, and health concerns over the purchase of appliances like television, radio, or mobile phone. Similarly, older farmers might be facing challenges in watching television programs. In contrast, farmers who were younger, more educated, knowledgeable, and experienced would expectedly have a comfortable grasp of agricultural information in television programs.

Nevertheless, the results could serve as a guide for agricultural extension programs. Since many had a medium favorable attitude toward television programs, these could be harnessed as a means to share indigenous and scientific knowledge to and from farmers. Such knowledge could potentially help farmers enhance crop production and embrace climate-resilient practices. Television programs could also provide farmers with information that would help them access government services, improve the supply chain, participate in more agricultural programs, organize and mobilize farmer groups.

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Choudhury, F.H., Amin, M.R., Islam, M.A., & Baishakhy, S.D. (2019). Attitude of farmers towards television programmes in perceiving agricultural information. Bangladesh Journal of Extension Education, 31 (1 & 2), 171-176. Retrieved from

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