1st UNDFF Global Forum, to be held on September 2022


After three years of implementation, the UN Decade of Family Farming 2019-2028 (UNDFF) will host its first Global Forum on 19-22 September 2022. Since its launch in 2019, the Decade has been promoting integrated actions supported by cross-sectoral policies that address the environmental, economic and social dimensions of sustainable development.

This approach resulted in the approval of 3 Regional and 10 National Action Plans for family farming, while 186 relevant policies, laws and regulations were developed and endorsed around the world for the support of family farming. At the international level, the Decade has mobilized a range of stakeholders joining forces to work on concrete initiatives in support of family farming: to date, 52 countries are actively working in the implementation of the UNDFF, involving more than 2600 family farmer organizations, NGOs, public and research institutions.

As a next milestone, the 1st Global Forum of the UN Decade of Family Farming 2019-2028, co-organized by FAO-IFAD,in their responsibility of leading UN agencies of the UNDFF,will leverage on the experiences of different actors to take stock of the achievements and challenges faced since launching the UNDFF. Discussions will be focused on the identification of priority policies and technical areas that will shape the UNDFF agenda for the next period of implementation, to accelerate transition to context-specific, diversified, resilient and sustainable agri-food systems, for a better environment and a better life for rural communities.

To address emerging topics and key challenges on a regional scale towards the implementation of the UNDFF, as well as to strengthen collaboration and exchange between governments, parliamentarians, family farmers and their organizations, researchers, NGOs, technical experts and other institutions at the national and regional levels, Regional Dialogues will be held in each FAO region and will precede the Global Forum. The outcomes of these Dialogues (organized between May and September 2022) will enrich exchanges during the Global Forum.

In addition, along the way towards the Global Forum, three Technical Sessions (held in June and July) will shed light on specific, transversal thematic areas: the policy application of the family farming concept, the synergies between family farming and Indigenous Peoples food systems, and communication for development. Further information about the events will follow.

(This article is originally published in the FAO website).

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