International Conference on AgroBiodiversity set on April 9-12

International Conference on AgroBiodiversity set on April 9-12

The Forest and Farm Producer Organizations (FFPOs) extends its invitation to the upcoming International Conference on Agrobiodiversity on 9-12 April 2024 at Pokhara, Nepal. This event aims to gather forest and farm producers all over the world to discuss and collaborate to further advance agroecological practices, agrobiodiverse planting materials and climate-smart business and finance models that enrich nature and nutrition.

This hybrid event will stimulate the upscaling of good practices across a global network of FFPOs. Organizations  from Asia, Africa, and Latin America, will exchange agrobiodiversity knowledge through field visits and share fair, and discuss common challenges in maintaining agrobiodiversity. To know more about the conference, click here.

You can watch the conference live streaming on the ComDev Asia Facebook page.

Participants' engagements and interviews


Participant: Shamika Mone – INOFO
Language: English

The Inter-Continental Network of Organic Farmer Organisations (INOFO) is a global nexus that connects farmer groups to international platforms. This organization ensures local farmers’ needs and rights are acknowledged and safeguarded. Using farmers’ varied skills, knowledge, and networks across numerous countries, INOFO orchestrates strategies that ensure food security for both the present and future generations.


Participant: Peketi Abide – CTOP, Togo
Language: French

Mme Peketi-Abide is a trainer on biodiversity at the CTOP Togo. The “Coordination Togolaise des Organisations Paysannes et de producteurs agricoles (CTOP) » was created in 2001 in Lomé with half a dozen Togolese farmer organizations, formed notably around the coffee-cocoa, cotton, cereals, seed production, poultry, and cattle farming sectors. They decided to establish their national framework for consultation, with a mandate to represent and defend the interests of agricultural producers in Togo across all sectors.


Participant: Florence Beenzu – Tree Nursery Association, Zambia
Language: English

Mme Florence Beenzu is from the Tree Nursery Association in the Choma district of Zambia. The association tries to fight climate change by reforestation several areas in the district. Several communication activities with the population also raise awareness about these challenges.



Participant: David Cohuana – EL-CEIBO, Bolivia
Language: Spanish

El Ceibo is a well-known Bolivian cooperative specializing in cultivating and producing high-quality cocoa beans. The cooperative comprises indigenous farmers in the Beni region and is recognized for its commitment to sustainable and organic cocoa farming practices.



Participant: Clifford Amoah – Kanbaocu, Ghana
Language: English

Mr . Clifford Amoah is from the Ghana Federation of Forest and Farm Producers. They trained family farmers in processing Shea, baobab, and cocoa pods, impacting their livelihoods and improving their market links. As part of this effort, GhaFFap is working to develop a green charcoal initiative that will benefit family farmers.

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