Sri Lanka

APRC37 to focus on learnings from the pandemic, environmental crises, and agrifood system transformation in Asia and the Pacific

Sri Lanka –¬† Government policymakers from across the Asia and Pacific gathered together for the opening of the 37th¬†Ministerial Session of the FAO Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific (APRC37) 19-22 February, 2024. This highly anticipated event aims to discuss and come up with tangible and feasible solutions to reform the agrifood systems and… Read More

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Enhancing RCS Effectivity through Youth Participation in the Philippines

The issue of logistics in agricultural extension work, where officers have to back and forth from their office to the farms they are working with, is a common issue in the sector. Even with the existence of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) like mobile phones, which are expected to make the extension work efficiently, there… Read More

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Twitter as an Information Service System for Rural Communities in Sri Lanka

Farmers have widely used mobile-based information service systems to address challenges they face and keep up with the latest developments in the sector. The study of Wijerathna et al. (2020) provides another perspective on how Twitter, a mainstream online microblogging platform, can serve as a Short Message Service (SMS) system for rural communities in the… Read More

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