UNDFF, ComDev Asia launch awareness campaign on Family Farming

UNDFF, ComDev Asia launch awareness campaign on Family Farming

ComDevAsia has successfully launched the second phase of its awareness campaign for family farming via web conference, Dec.7. With the theme “Family Farming at the Heart of Sustainable Food Systems”, the campaign seeks to inform family farmers and the general public about the contribution of family farming to sustainable food systems and the progress of the UN Decade of Family Farming, giving voice to farmers and their organizations. 

The virtual event was attended by more than a hundred participants coming from the different academic institutions, community media, farmers’ organizations and FAO’s information officers in the Asia-Pacific Region. During the event, ComDev Asia released a new set of campaign materials that include country factsheets of SAARC, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Through AMARC Asia-Pacific, the campaign also uploaded radio magazine programs  that tackles about family faming concerns and opportunities in the region. This radio programs are available in English and other local languages in the region. Aside from the country factsheets and radio programs, human interest stories about family farmers will also be featured in this campaign like the story of Nissa Wargadipuras from Indonesia.

Last July 23, CDA launched the first phase of the campaign where the campaign briefer and social media cards were made available through the CDA website and its social media accounts. 

To download the campaign materials, check it here. 


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