Women Farmers

Uplifting the Lives of Marginalized Communities Through Collective Action: The Case of Kalika Land Rights Agriculture Cooperative in Nepal

In Nepal, a cooperative was established by women farmers to help themselves and their families improved their agriculture production and provide livelihood opportunities among its member. The Kalika Land Rights Agriculture Cooperative Ltd. has 49 members (46 females, 3 males) composed of Dalit (19), indigenous people (14), and the so-called higher caste (16).  The cooperative prioritizes… Read More

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A Journey of Struggles and Empowerment among Women Farmers in India: The Case of SEWA and Vikas Mandal

Surendranagar Mahila Bal Vikas Mandal (SMBVM) is registered as a Trust in Surendranagar district in Gujarat, India. It has a membership of 161 groups, largely salt pan farmers/workers composed of 86,000 small and marginal women farmers of which 16,426 are youth women members. The membership of SMBVM ranges from small and marginal agriculture farmers, women in… Read More

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