AFA and DGRV collaborate to give special training on video production for FOs and Agri Coops

AFA and DGRV collaborate to give special training on video production for FOs and Agri Coops

Over 60 participants consisting of members and staff of farmers’ organizations (FOs), agricultural cooperatives, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the Asia-Pacific region participated in the “Video Production Training” conducted by the Asian Farmers’ Association for Sustainable Rural Development (AFA) and German Cooperative and Raiffeisen Confederation (DGRV) on 5 October 2023 via Zoom.

The training aimed to equip the participants with practical skills they can employ in producing their entry for the “Advancing Climate Resiliency through Farmers Organizations and Cooperatives Video Contest”, which is also organized by AFA, DGRV, and other organizations.

Marc-Andre Zach, Project Director of DGRV, expressed excitement over the collaboration between AFA and DGRV to showcase in a video the contributions of farmers’ organizations and cooperatives in climate adaptation and mitigation.

Through the training, AFA and DGRV aimed to empower farmers’ organizations with the knowledge and skills to make compelling and impactful videos that advocate for climate resilience beyond the contest.

Gladys Llanes and TJ Biasong of Diinsider Productions delivered a concise course on video production, covering the three crucial stages: pre-production (the planning phase), production (the filming/shooting phase), and post-production (the editing phase). Furthermore, this team will continue to provide guidance and support to FOs as they embark on creating their video entries.

The “Advancing Climate Resiliency through Farmers’ Organizations and Cooperatives Video Contest” is designed to recognize the efforts of farmers, farmers’ organizations, and agricultural cooperatives in combatting climate change impact on agriculture and championing sustainable agricultural practices. Their initiatives and innovative solutions will take center stage at COP28, with the intention of compelling policymakers to take immediate action on the pressing matter of climate change, a challenge that disproportionately affects smallholder farmers.

Note: This article is originally published in the AFA website. AFA is one of the steering committee members of ComDev Asia.

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