Resilient Family Farming: Ensuring Food for All in a Sustainable Planet

The current global COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted agricultural and food systems around the world. To mitigate the pandemic’s impacts across the food system, both global and country-specific interventions are necessary: measures meant to preserve the global food supply chains need to be complemented with context-specific solutions harnessing locally available resources and goods. A central element for mitigating and recover from the impact of the crisis is ensuring the resilience of family farmers and local food systems through adequate policies, programmes and investments.

The UNDFF Global Action Plan (GAP) provides a blueprint for promoting policy change and achieving the goals of the Decade of Family Farming and recognizes communication as a central element to engage family farmers and their organizations working in this field along three main priorities: a) promote inclusive rural communication services as part of family farming policies and programmes; b) strengthen producer organizations’ communication and ICT capacities; and c) give voice to family farmers.  The UNDFF provides a suitable space to address the communication needs related to family farming and the COVID19, with a view to promote sustained action to increase the resilience of family farmers in the short as well as in the longer term.

As part of its contribution in the UN Decade of Family Farming initiatives, ComDev Asia (CDA) steers a common agenda in communication for rural development in the Asia-Pacific region. It facilitates an interactive web-based community of practice that promotes dialogue, strengthens collaboration, and advocates for communication policies and services in agriculture and rural development. As a response to this global pandemic, ComDev Asia conducts a regional strategic communication campaign addressed to family farmers and the general public as part of its regional Participatory Communication Plan (PCP) to enhance the resilience of family farmers through adequate information on measures and practices.

To know more about the campaign and access the campaign materials, read the UNDFF ComDevAsia Communication Campaign Package over HERE.

Download and watch the campaign videos including the promotional videos for the general public and the family farmers at the ComDev Asia Google Drive: in the subfolder, UNDFF/COMDEVASIA CAMPAIGN.

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