Smallholder Farmers

Empowering Communities and Addressing Farming Challenges through Cooperatives in Vietnam

Yen Duong commune, in the southern part of Ba Be district in the Bac Kan province of Vietnam, is about 10 kilometers away from the district center. It is composed of 9 villages with 630 households, of which almost 3% of the total population belongs to the 4 ethnic groups including Tay, Nung, Dao, and Kinh. Yen Duong Cooperative, established in June 2018 with 7 members, was formed on the

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Age and level of education, determinants of social media use among farmers in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Agriculturists and extension workers have been exploring how to harness the use of social media for agriculture. However, social media adoption among farmers in developing nations remains to be a challenge. A survey among 365 farmers in Chiang Mai, Thailand, revealed that only 66 respondents had adopted social media. Furthermore, only 8 out of the 66 respondents relied on social media for agriculture-related information. For 25 out of the 66,

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