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WRF, FFF present experiences and challenges of cooperatives in rural women empowerment

The World Rural Forum, in collaboration with Forest and Farm Facility has successfully compiled successful experiences about the role of cooperatives in empowering rural farmers in different regions of the world. The “Women and Cooperativism Project” aimed to identify and analyze the experiences of associations in Africa, Asia, and the Americas to develop a cycle of exchanges and recommendations in the empowerment and resilience of rural women. This project is

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Cycle of exchanges: Rural Women and Cooperativism on March 24

The World Rural Forum, together with six participating member organizations, will organise the first seminar of the series Rural Women and Cooperativism on 24 March, 8PM (GMT+8 Philippine Time). Three experiences of women’s farming groups or cooperatives in Africa, South America and Asia will be presented. The Rural Women and Cooperativism virtual exchange cycle aims to promote the catalytic role of association and cooperativism in the economic empowerment and resilience

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