Empowered Community Radios For Healthy Communities in Indonesia

Empowered Community Radios For Healthy Communities in Indonesia

Can community radios really contribute in building healthy communities? According to Ibrahim (2018), it is possible but only if the community radio is empowered and health communication perspective with local culture basis are important agenda.

The author centered his observations on the three radio stations in the Pantura region in Indonesia namely: Arya FM; QLan FM; and NHfm. The study revealed that community radios provided the needed space for community members to share, make dialogue, and be self-aware on community issues, including health. The ability of community radios in using the local language encouraged active engagement and participation of the members of the community, especially in discussing community health programs and promotions.

Furthermore, the study pointed out the community radio is an effective platform where health-related community issues can be discussed from the local culture perspective. Hence, public health communication will be more democratic, understandable, and relatable to the communities.

To know more about the study, check the full-text article here.

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