Webcasting of the IAMCR-FAO RCS Research Awardees

Webcasting of the IAMCR-FAO RCS Research Awardees

CCComDev invites you to the first installment of its webinar series for this year, featuring: Webcasting of the IAMCR-FAO RCS Research Awardees Special Session at IAMCR Lyon 2023. This will happen on 12 July 2023 (15:45 – 17:30 CEST). FAO and IAMCR, in cooperation with CCComDev, have agreed to collaborate to support the activities of IAMCR’s Rural Communication Group (RUC) through a series of initiatives such as: use CCComDev’s website to support IAMCR-RUC activities; undertake a mapping of relevant research activities related to Rural Communication Services (RCS); mapping of relevant training/learning initiatives and methodologies and tools in RCS; and supporting applied research on RCS through special awards. Special attention is given to improving the understanding and the application of RCS to family farming and sustainable development.

Collaborative Change Communication (CCComDev) is an initiative aimed at sharing knowledge and increasing learning opportunities and collaboration in the area of communication for rural development. CCComDev aims to create a global community of practice and strengthen partnerships among a variety of rural actors including farmer organizations, community media, rural institutions, universities, research organizations, and development and communication practitioners.

Register: https://bit.ly/RCSAward


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