Encouraging Bhutan youth to engage in Agriculture: The story of Karma Choki

Encouraging Bhutan youth to engage in Agriculture: The story of Karma Choki

It is indeed the younger generations that ensure the future of family farming. They are the hope for the future of the agriculture as in s with the case of Karma Choki, a young woman who returned to her parent’s village and chose to stay there and start her farming endeavor. Instead of working in the urban center as what many usually do, Karma, a 29 year old lass who has a passion for gardening started to revive her parents left behind. With the help of her parents and the villagers, she was able to grow vegetables for their own consumption.

Through her efforts, she was able to learn about better agricultural practices. She participated in various trainings on agricultural practices and  made friends with other youths who also have the passion for farming. Karma engaged in organic farming involving the use of compost, liquid fertilizer and biopesticides. and continuously seek and share ideas to come up with innovative solutions.

Through the inputs support of  a farmer-to-farmer extension program of  the Commercial Agriculture & Resilient Livelihoods Enhancement Program or CARLEP, she was able to increased her earnings.  Through her savings from selling vegetables and mandarin Karma was able to have her own house. Karma proudly says that farming is a well paid job that even the youth can pursue. Supporting and empowering the youth and women  in agriculture can bring about progress in agriculture and economic growth.

Know Karma’s fu here.

Photo credit: carlep.gov.bt

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