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Utilization of ICTs in Agricultural Marketing Information Delivery in Charland of Bangladesh

Agriculture has been the most important sector in the economy of Bangladesh as it comprises 19.6% of the national GDP. 63% of the country’s population were employed in the agricultural sector. However, as the population in Bangladesh continues to grow, the country faces greater challenges in maintaining food production. Although ICT has played an essential role in enhancing crop quality and food production, and delivering agricultural marketing information, the agrarian

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UNDFF Regional Awareness Radio Campaign: Community radios highlight the significance of family farming

Twenty-six community radios and three national broadcasting federations, covering five national languages across five countries of South and South East Asia have worked in a synchrony to run a radio campaign to sensitize and inform listeners about the role of family farmers in feeding the world. With radio programs in Bengali, Hindi, Bahasa Indonesia, Nepali and the Filipino, the community radio campaign has successfully reached more than one million listeners

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