Workshop organized on‘Raising Public Accountability through Community Radios’

on 19 October 2017. Posted in News from the region

WACC WS 5 7June2017 17June 2017, Kathmandu: Thirty community radio broadcasters selected from districts affected by the 2015 earthquake in Nepal learnt about disaster management communication, hazard, vulnerabilities, public accountability and media, and the relation between media and humanitarian organizations at a capacity building training workshop organized by AMARC Asia-Paci c with the support of World Association of Christian Communication (WACC).

The five-day training workshop was titled “Community Radios Intervening on Behalf of Earthquake A ected Communities” and was held in June 2017 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Kristin Slesazeck of Bread for the World (BFTW) visited community radios stations and temporary settlements in Kathmandu valley to meet earthquake survivors. BFTW supported WACC to carry out the program with AMARC Asia-Pacific.The capacity building training workshop aimed at enhancing the competence of the community radio broadcasters to not only serve the information needs of the local communities but also make interventions on their behalf to improve the bene ts of the state-led reconstruction process.

The capacity building training workshop helped the community radio broadcasters understand the need to ensure preparedness amongst themselves and do the required homework well in advance in order to warrant smooth ow of information in the aftermath of any disaster. They are also working towards ensuring accountability and good governance at local level through their radio programs.

Another notable feature of the training workshop was the encouraging number of women participation. AMARC, in line with its commitment to gender equality in all its activities, ensured more women participants in the training despite majority of the early applicants being men.