Sustainable Food Systems

Regional Expert Consultation Workshops on Transforming towards Resilient, Sustainable, Profitable, and Inclusive Rice-Based Agri-Food Systems in Asia

Rice ratooning is not a new practice with farmers. It has been successfully adopted in many countries including China, India, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, USA, Brazil, and Colombia. However, the adoption of traditional ratoon rice with the first crop harvested manually has been limited due to labor shortage as well as low and unstable grain yield in ratoon crop. The challenge, therefore, is to develop rice ratooning technology with the main

Regional Webinar on Agri-Forest Enterprise Development for Young Farmers

The Asian Farmers Association for Sustainable Rural Development (AFA) invites young farmers in the region to take part in a series of webinars that aims to serve as a venue for participants to learn and improve their skills and knowledge on agri-forest-based enterprise and cooperative development and management. This webinars are part of the project entitled, ” “Young Women and Men  Farmers As Advocates for Sustainable, Resilient, Gender Sensitive Agri-Forest-Based Livelihoods: Young

Women Ensuring Food Security and Nutrition: Forgotten Foods Cooking Contest

In celebration of the International Women’s Day last March 8, the consortium Asian Farmers’ Association for Sustainable Rural Development (AFA) and La Via Campesina (LVC) invites female members of the farmers’ organizations under the Asia-Pacific Farmers Program (APFP) and Farmers Organizations for Asia (FO4A) to join the “Women Ensuring Food Security and Nutrition: Forgotten Foods Cooking Contest”. In this cooking contest, the challenge is to prepare native dishes that will

Asia–Pacific region’s vulnerability to COVID-19 pandemic speeds up adoption of digital tech in agrifood systems

Agrifood systems in the Asia-Pacific region have been particularly vulnerable to shocks from the COVID-19 pandemic and other challenges, quickening the adoption of digital technologies, QU Dongyu, Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) said. Qu was speaking in a special event entitled “Innovation, Science and Digitalization: Transforming agrifood systems in Asia and the Pacific region” at FAO’s 36th Asia Pacific Regional Conference. He said the systems

Abundance in sustainability: Dante and Aming’s journey in Integrated Diversified Organic Farming System

Here’s an inspiring story of Dante and Aming Pajaron, family farmers from Valencia, Bukidnon, Philippines who were able strive and thrive amid pandemic through Integrated Diversified Organic Farming System (IDOFS). Also called “low-cost farming”, IDOFS is a farming approach that promotes the shift from monoculture production systems into “sustainable and self-reliant small-scale farming” methods. Before venturing into IDOFS, Dante and Aming only focused on organic rice farming and a few livestocks. Now,

Regional Consultation Meeting For Sustainable Systems on March 29-30

The FAO Regional Office for Asia and Pacific (FAO RAP), together with its partners in the region, will hold a consultation meeting on promoting healthy, sustainable, and inclusive foods systems in response to COVID-19 in South Asia on Mar 29-30  (10:30AM Dhaka Time). It serves as a follow up of Food Systems Summit last year and intends to support food systems transformation actions to resolve huger and reducing diet-related diseases problems amid pandemic

Cycle of exchanges: Rural Women and Cooperativism on March 24

The World Rural Forum, together with six participating member organizations, will organise the first seminar of the series Rural Women and Cooperativism on 24 March, 8PM (GMT+8 Philippine Time). Three experiences of women’s farming groups or cooperatives in Africa, South America and Asia will be presented. The Rural Women and Cooperativism virtual exchange cycle aims to promote the catalytic role of association and cooperativism in the economic empowerment and resilience

Conclusions of the Global Conference: Family Farming at the Core of Sustainable Food Systems

In 2021, the World Rural Forum organized a 4-day Global Conference entitled, “Family Farming at the Core of Sustainable Food Systems”. The Global conference was attended by family farmers, governments, UN agencies, research centers, cooperatives, and others organizations committed to strengthening family farming. This event confirmed the unique position of family farming in achieving inclusive, resilient, sustainable and viable food systems and the need to redouble efforts and build new

ComDev Asia to be featured in APRC36 Side Event on March 9

ComDev Asia, a regional initiative that promotes Communication for Development in Asia-Pacific, will be featured in a side event of 36th Session of the FAO Regional Conference in the region (APRC 36), 9 March 2022 (1:00PM Dhaka Time). This hybrid event aims to share the progress and achievements of the UN Decade of Family Farming in the Asia-Pacific Region. ComDev Asia spearheaded regional awareness campaign in the last 2 years, highlighting

UNDFF, ComDev Asia launch awareness campaign on Family Farming

ComDevAsia has successfully launched the second phase of its awareness campaign for family farming via web conference, Dec.7. With the theme “Family Farming at the Heart of Sustainable Food Systems”, the campaign seeks to inform family farmers and the general public about the contribution of family farming to sustainable food systems and the progress of the UN Decade of Family Farming, giving voice to farmers and their organizations.  The virtual