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The PhotoVoice Manual. A Guide to Participatory Photography
22 May 2014

[2013] The manual is intended to give an introduction to the power of participatory photography as a tool for social change for marginalized groups. Readers will learn about the considerable benefits that participatory photographic projects can bring to participants. 

The manual is based on past projects developed by PhotoVoice across four continents over the last eight years and offers tips and suggestions regarding the structure of the workshops as well as the promotion of the work produced. 

Community Screenings for Participatory Video
22 May 2014

Community Screenings for a Participatory Video[2012] The guide produced by InsightShare provides ideas and inspiration for anyone organizing community screenings as part of a participatory video process. It includes advice on planning and delivering an effective screening, practical suggestions for logistic and technical considerations.

The guide also offers facilitators tips and a series of case studies based on previous projects in Uganda, Myanmar, India, Kenya, DRC and UK.   

Insights into Participatory Video: A Handbook for the Field
23 May 2014
[2006] This handbook was written by InsightShare's directors Nick and Chris Lunch as a practical guide to setting up and running Participatory Video projects. The booklet illustrates the nuts and bolts of Participatory Video: from how to set up a new project, to the key games and activities to use. Helpful tips for the facilitator clarify how to use video for positive social change, to empower the marginalized and encourage individuals and communities to take control of their destinies.

The authors draw on nearly two decades of experience of facilitating Participatory Video projects in the field, and share case studies and useful anecdotes, as well as responses to their work from diverse sources. The key messages are further highlighted by illustrations, cartoons and photographs.
Integrating Low-cost Video into Agricultural Development Projects
23 May 2014
facettoolkitcover[2012] This toolkit is designed to help projects and organizations use low-cost video to augment the traditional agricultural development activities and extension services they provide. It was developed by FHI 360 as part of the USAID project Fostering Agriculture Competitiveness Employing Information Communication Technologies (FACET).

Given the increasing availability of low-cost digital video cameras and editing software - and the increasing use of video media in donor-funded agricultural development projects - this toolkit aims to enable practitioners to develop a more systematic approach to using low-cost video as one of the mediums through which they share information with farmers. It includes practical guidelines about storyboarding, technology choices, video production, editing and dissemination.
Video in Development: Filming for Rural Change
05 June 2014
video in development[2009] This book is about using video in rural interventions for social change. It gives a glimpse into the many creative ways in which video can be used in rural development activities, such as for training, awareness-raising, data collection or advocacy.

Drawing on examples from development projects in South America, Africa and Asia, the book aims to encourage development professionals to explore the potential of video in development, making it a more coherent, better understood and properly used development tool. Specifically, it seeks to give decision-makers greater insight into the subject in order to support decisions on the strategic use of video in development.

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