ROUTASIA: IFAD - PROCASUR’s joint initiative

on 25 May 2015. Posted in News from the region

PROCASURThe International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and PROCASUR, a global organization specialized in harvesting and scaling-up home-grown innovations, have joint forces. These two major organizations have conceived the ROUTASIA programme, which serves as a hub from local to international institutions, and as a bridge for integrated, inclusive communication among women and men, development practitioners and policy-makers.

Since PROCASUR’s mission is to foster local knowledge exchange to end rural poverty, by sharing innovations through customized local knowledge-management tools and methodologies, the ROUTASIA programme objective has been since the very beginning, the improvement of learning and sharing of knowledge activities within Asia, and the scaling-up of practical solutions tested and validated in the field.

The ROUTASIA programme has conceived a specific Learning Route (LR) tool that advocates for the scaling up of locally produced and tested technologies and approaches for rural poverty eradication.

Increased networking between public and private organizations, the inclusion of local champions in the decision making and in the pro rural poor and environment interventions, have also been key activities within the Learning Route tool.

In the last eight years, PROCASUR and its partners have implemented over 100 Learning Routes in 30 countries, supporting more than 2000 development practitioners of almost 50 nationalities to exchange knowledge, weave connections and catalyse innovations.

ROUTASIA has currently realized the following achievements:
  • 10 IFAD funded projects are using the Learning Route tool for their knowledge management 
  • 400 Local Champions have been trained - 100 of these have been qualified as trainers
  • Over 300 rural development practitioners from 15 countries have taken part in 14 learning routes.
  • 8500 persons are benefitting from the implementation of 20 innovation plans


To get to know more about the above mentioned joint initiative between IFAD and PROCASUR, please check the full data via PROCASUR’s newsletter