AMARC Asia-Pacific conference calls for greater rights and community radio recognition

on 18 December 2013. Posted in News from the region

BGDladiesThe 3rd AMARC Asia Pacific Regional Conference and Assembly of Community Radio Broadcasters was held from 2-5 December 2013 in Seoul, South Korea, and ended with a call for the promotion of the diversity of voices and identities. It was also a chance to condemn the continuous, systemic and institutionalized discrimination based on sexual orientation, identities and ethnicity. 

Participants called upon governments of the Asia Pacific region to respect and protect people'sright to information and communication and to introduce specific legislations safeguarding community radios, journalists and media practitioners.

The conference also highlighted the role of community broadcasters for disaster risk reduction and risk management. While expressing solidarity to the victims and survivors of the recent thypoon in the Philippines, the conference resolved to support relief activities through existing and new emergency community radios. 

Plenary sessions and workshops were held on the synergy between community radios and human rights movement, indigenous people's movement, and gender equality. Also discussed were issues such as: legislative reforms, social impact of community broadcasting, status of women in community radios, role of community broadcasting for climate adaptation, disaster preparedness, social justice and peace building, community radio advocacy through media convergence.

The conference also resolved to develop mechanisms to facilitate the sharing of resources for the enablement of community radio through the strengthening of institutional networks between donors, nongovernmental organizations, civil society organizations, inter-governmental bodies and community radio associations, and to work cooperatively to lobby governments for adequate funding to protect, support, promote and subsidize community radio infrastructure and operations.

During the Regional Assembly, Maica Lagman of Philippines was elected as new President of the regional board of directors. 

AMARC is an international NGO serving the community radio movement in over 110 countries, and advocating for the right to communicate at the international, national, local and neighborhood levels since 1983. It has an International Secretariat in Montreal and regional sections in Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific.