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    Good day! How are you doing today?

    We have read your needs assessment and we thought that your group did a very good job in gathering data. Please take note that it is not yet a packaged “Needs Assessment Report” but we believe that you have enough data which can be your basis in developing the ComDev strategy and action plan for AgriCOOPh.

    Can you share some of your experiences in conducting the needs assessment? What challenges did you encounter in gathering data? Based on the data that you have collected, can you identify 1-3 priority topics for ComDev strategy development?

    Edmund Centeno

    Discussion Topic No. 2: Identifying key issues and priority topics

    Greetings from ComDev Asia!

    This is RJ and Jyas, your coaching facilitators for the ComDev strategy plan of AgriCOOPh.

    We shall now focus on the first step of the ComDev Strategy Design process. Step 1 is where we will identify key development issues and priority topics to be addressed in AgriCOOPh’s ComDev plan. Before we start, let us review briefly Step 1.

    Step 1: Identifying the Key Issue or Problem

    Kindly take note of the following key messages about identifying the key issue or problem.
    • The identified problem must be a “real” issue or problem.
    • The problem should have been expressed by concerned stakeholders or members of your organization.
    • The problem must be prioritized because the ComDev plan should address one specific issue at a time for ease of planning
    and implementation.
    • The problem should be anchored on an existing or a new program or project of your organization.
    • A plan that is generic is not strategic.
    • Comdev planning is an evidence-based process; the decision to take is always defined by data obtained from the ground.

    Setting the Context and Topic for your ComDev Plan
    • Choose one existing development program or project of your organization, especially one that does not have a strategic communication plan. You may also opt to select a new development program or project which needs a ComDev plan.
    • Read and review the project document.
    • From the project document (as source of secondary data), get the list of development issues or needs being addressed or solved through the project.
    • Given the list, discuss among your concerned colleagues which of the three problems or issues is priority 1.
    • Based on the identified problem, think of a tentative title or topic for your ComDev Plan.

    Here are examples of topics or titles of your plan:
    a. ComDev Plan in Support of the Coastal Climate Resilient Infrastructure Project
    b. Strategic ComDev Plan for Resilient and Sustainable Aquaculture
    c. ComDev Strategy Plan for to Enhance Youth Involvement in Agriculture Cooperatives for Sustainable Development

    • Fill up the topic and column 1 on Main Issue of your ComDev Strategy Matrix (see attached file).

    To prepare you in identifying the priority issue and topic of your ComDev plan, post your brief answers to the questions below. Once you have posted them, we (your facilitators) will respond to your answer.

    Guide Questions:
    • What are the main development needs, opportunities, and possible solutions existing as perceived by local stakeholders?
    • Which of these can be addressed best by communication?
    • Identify one key development issue that you intend to address in your ComDev strategy.

    We are excited to read your answers and to assist you develop the priority issue and topic of your ComDev Plan. Let’s engage in Topic 2 Discussion! Your output will be the statement of your priority topic and main issue.

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    Good day! Thank you for your insights, and I appreciate your comments regarding my assessment report. Conducting the needs assessment is quite a challenge with the limited movement of researching due to the on-going pandemic. Most of the data gathered were secondary. Moreover, I’m a new member of AgriCOOPh, and I do not have sufficient knowledge about my organization; nonetheless, I was able to work on my assessment report by gathering data and coordinating with my co-workers. It was a learning experience, knowing more about AgriCOOPh and analyzing its systems and services.

    As I have mentioned in my assessment report, most of the issues are focused mainly on the internal communications of the federation. Some of these issues include the following: 1) Insufficient Database of Finances, Assessment Reports from Advisory Services,
    2) Inefficient response to member cooperatives’ needs and 3) Less involvement of youth in terms of cooperative management. In line with this, I think it’s crucial to work on a ComDev strategy development plan which addresses the needs of our member cooperatives and empowerment of the youth to strengthen our services and capacities of our members.


    As a Full Value-Chain Service Provider, our main focus is to provide support for member cooperatives particularly their involvement in the Agricultural Value Chain. To execute our goal, we assist large and small cooperatives with governance, financing, agriculture, technology, and enterprise development. We are continuously executing several projects that include capacity building trainings, learning exchanges, inter-coop trading, and many more. In line with this, we have greater efforts in communicating with several stakeholders to provide sufficient knowledge, funds, and income for our member cooperatives.

    Topic: ComDev Strategy Plan for the Member Cooperatives’ Greater Access to Agricultural Value Chain

    Here are the following key issues we identified based on the current projects we have and concerns from our member cooperatives:
    1) Low income of farmers for primary commodities (e.g. rice)
    2) Limited access to markets & finances of member cooperatives (potential buyers of products)
    3) Limited governance support to member cooperatives
    4) Less involvement of youth and gender development from member cooperatives

    Ryan Jay Galang

    Thank you Mam Gwen for attending our coaching session to discuss your ComDev strategy plan.

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    Thank you again for guiding me with drafting our comdev plan. Attached herewith is the federation’s draft for your reference.

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    Ryan Jay Galang

    Mam Gwen,

    Acknowledge receipt of your comdev strategy matrix.
    I’m sharing to you the link of the wrap up session of our comdev virtual training last Dec.17 via email.
    AgriCooPh might want to check how other organizations came up with their matrices.
    Thank you and Happy holidays!


    Got this, thanks! Looking forward to the following webinar sessions and execution of the action plan. Happy holidays!

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